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Self-Sustaining Sanctuary

A Self-Sustaining Sanctuary (SSS) is a model that we’ve originated at Friends in Need to help ensure that there is a cyclical value-added model to provide for the animals residing at the sanctuary.

The model is relatively simple:

PLANTS are grown on a nutrient-rich portion of the sanctuary using donated time, labor, and materials, which turn into valuable produce to feed animals and humans and flowers to add value to the COMMUNITY (and attract quite a few pollinators, including hummingbirds, in the process!)…

COMMUNITY members make donations in exchange for plants grown on the property to add value to their lives, the proceeds from which are used to purchase food (hay, pellets, etc.) for the ANIMALS…

ANIMALS eat the food (hay, pellets, etc.) as part of their daily care, which creates excellent compost and nutrient-rich soil to grow PLANTS, which then help the COMMUNITY…

As you can see, the idea is to create a self-sustaining system.  The problems in animal rescue are primarily economic – there simply are not enough resources to truly care for all the animals that need to be attended to – but through this model, we hope to be able to find a way for a win-win-win with the plants, the animals, and the community working together in symbiotic harmony.

So far…the response has been incredible. 🙂 With over 250 animals on the property, thriving gardens and volunteers building relationships with the animals, land, and each other, we truly feel a refuge has been created that we work hard to support and defend.

Please consider getting involved today!  There are many ways to help, from simple donations of time and energy to serving in the organization in a volunteer or intern capacity, Friends in Need is what it is because of you and people like you who are making the dream of a Self-Sustaining Sanctuary (SSS) into a reality.