• Friends In Need - Utah Animal Sanctuary

  • 5194 N. Lake Mtn. Rd. Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005 - (801) 823-7223


When you visit, you will find a unique experience with our residents – whether an exotic interaction with a yak, a cavvy, or an emu, or a reaction with our littlest pig Milo, you and your family will find an ability to build relationships with these beautiful creatures by becoming part of their lives in their very own home.

Home to over 250 animals, Friends in Need first and foremost works to accomplish its mission to ensure that the animals are provided a safe refuge.  Volunteers work to feed and care for the animals, including raising funds through donations and produce to pay for veterinary service, medicine, hay, and special nutritional pellets and other feed that are given to the animals for a nutritionally complete diet.

In addition, some volunteers focus on what we call “enrichment” – interactions with the animals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to help build relationships, overcome trauma, or simply spend time being together.

Truly, it is a beautiful and peaceful place – and we invite you and your family to visit and come to know and help serve these beautiful creatures for years to come.

Please enjoy the images below, and consider visiting, donating, volunteering, or otherwise becoming a part of our Self-Sustaining Sanctuary (SSS) today!