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Photo Sessions

As one photographer recently phrased in a glowing social media review, Friends in Need is a “hidden local gem” – truly a beautiful place, we have many requests from respected photographers to use our gardens as an area for photos, including:

  • Family
  • Bridal
  • Engagement
  • Garden
  • Nature
  • Scenery
  • Nightscapes

We’ve had requests for it all and we love people visiting and enjoying the serenity of the property while supporting a good cause.

If you are interested in working with FIN for a photo session, please use the form below; all proceeds from any photography sessions go to feed and care for the animals ($25 / 1/2 hour).  Please note that all photography rights are upheld and respected – we only use any photography with permission on our website and social media, and if you’d like to tag us / feature us or allow us to use your work to help spread the word, we greatly appreciate it!  If not – that’s okay too!

Thanks in advance for your generous support!


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