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Field Trips

Field trips at the sanctuary

We love having field trips at Friends in Need! Currently, we have volunteer support for K-6 fields trips.

When you reach out to set up a field trip, we will discuss your desired outcomes.

Potential activities, properly adjusted for student ages and seasonal availability, are:

  • Animal introductions (depending on age)
    • Yaks
    • Domesticated Mink
    • Goats
    •  Sheep
    • Cows
    • Pigs
    • Peacocks
    • Pigeons
    • Chickens and Roosters
    • Horses
    • Patagonian Cavvy
  • Gardens (August–October)
    • Flowers
    • Vegetables
  • Education
    • How is an animal rescue different than a zoo or a farm, and why is that important?
    • How can I care for animals?
    • How can I care for plants?
    • How can I be a responsible pet owner?
    • What opportunities are there in animal rescue?
    • What opportunities are there in agriculture?

Schedule your trip

To schedule a field trip, please call or text David at 801-823-7223.

Betsy Jorgensen Photo