• Friends In Need - Utah Animal Sanctuary

  • 5194 N. Lake Mtn. Rd. Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005 - (801) 823-7223


As a Self-Sustaining Sanctuary (SSS), Friends in Need functions on a relatively simple principle…

Plants are grown to feed the animals and serve the community.

The community donates to FIN in exchange for flowers and other plants to purchase hay, feed, and medical care for the animals.

The animals create healthy, nutrient rich soil and compost, which helps the plants to grow…

And we all benefit from the process in a true self-sustaining cycle.

Each year, our garden growth, planting, and harvest brings out bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.  You and your family are welcome to come peruse the gardens, cut flowers, pick vegetables, and help in the growth and maintenance of the plants on the property.

We hope you enjoy some of the pictures below, but most important that you come visit us soon!!! Please use the calendar below to schedule a U-Pick Flower Garden appointment and take home your own bouquet!

August 2022
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