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As part of its effort to provide a safe refuge for our animals, Friends in Need is raising funds for various causes as a 501(3)(c) charitable organization.

Please consider a donation to any of the specific causes below, and thanks in advance for your help!

Rabbit to the Rescue!

We currently have several rabbits in need of spay / neutering as part of an accidental litter situation.  Our hope is to prevent further population growth, and then to find permanent homes for these lovable little guys (and provide them housing and care in the meantime).

A typical spay for a rabbit is $130 and there are 21 rabbits that need care – we have accordingly set our total goal for this fundraiser to $2,750 to care for these sweet creatures.

I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter!

Cockfighting is perhaps one of the most heinous things a human being can do, but unfortunately despite it’s illegality, there are still cockfighting operations here today.

In Utah, there was recently a bust of two separate cockfighting rings with many roosters needing homes.

Here at FIN, we have volunteered to home 15 roosters…but unfortunately, due to the abuse these animals have suffered, each individual rooster needs its own enclosure (possibly for life).

A generous donor has agreed to provide the plans and labor for a $10,000 hoop house to be built on our property for these magnificent birds…we just need to come up with the $1500 for materials.

Please consider a donation – this story has a sad beginning, but we can show a kinder side to humanity by giving these birds’ story a happy ending.