These Celebrities

Show Biz folk are often a bit too busy touring the world and such so they can’t always come by the compound to feed the llamas. That’s why many have helped us via our eBay auctions by donating items. Below are some of those who’ve helped.


Bob Barker

John Travolta

George Lopez

Jackie Chan

Bernie Mac

Mel Brooks

Yoko Ono

Jim Carrey

Robin Williams

Jethro Tull


Clint Eastwood

Peter Gabriel

The Fixx

Duran Duran

Darren Long

Tori Amos

Jennifer Connelly

The Goo Goo Dolls

Dave Pelzer

The Rusty Wallace Team

The Young and Restless

Martin Sheen

Roger Waters

King of Queens

Less Than Perfect

General Hospital

The Cast of JAG

Cast of Home Improvement

According to Jim

Avril Lavigne

Bryan Admas

Bob and Tom

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