Permanent Residents

Dark Hogs
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We’ve discovered that most people don’t want a 1500 pound yak hopping up on the living room couch, so those animals that you can’t just take home we keep as permanent residents in our sanctuary. We’ve rescued a Water Buffalo, an African Watusi, Yaks, Horses, Emus and many others. Obviously the needs of the big ones are greater so it’s always nice if we have a little help with them. One way to do this is by sponsoring an animal. Sponsoring means that you help to pay for the feed and care but don’t have to clean up after him or her. In return, you get a rewarding one-on-one relationship with the animal that you choose to sponsor. Most of our animals are permanent residents but they could use your love and time.

You can click here for more information about sponsorships. If you’re interested in sponsoring such animals, give us a call

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