Our Furry Kids

To see all of “our furry kids” and our two-legged volunteers click here. To see just the adoptable animals click here. If you want to be a “parent” to a furry kid, there are 3 ways to do so:

ADOPTION means that you will adopt the pet permanently and for life. This requires a review and completion of an adoption form. Click the link to the left to learn more.

FOSTER means that the animal will live with you until we can complete permanent placement. Because our Sanctuary has very limited space, we rely on volunteer foster families for temporary help. Click the link to find out how this works, why it’s such a big help and what the benefits are to both you and to us.

SPONSOR means that you help support the animal financially while we continue to keep it at our sanctuary. If your home isn’t the right place for an animal then this “virtual adoption” might be best for you. This could be for the large animals that are not adoptable or even those that haven’t been fostered or adopted yet. As a sponsor, aside from the satisfaction of sustaining a life, you get the benefits that can be found by clicking the link.

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