Our Volunteers

Like many non-profits, volunteers are the grease that turns the gears of our daily operations. Without them, Kim and Karen couldn’t succeed. What that means is that with more volunteers we can achieve even greater successes so we encourage anyone that cares about the welfare of animals to visit us and see if there isn’t some way they can help.

We have individual volunteers as well as groups that lend a hand. You could end up feeding the animals or helping us with marketing. Any special skills you have are also very much welcomed, and of course, those with veterinary skills are always needed.

There are some restrictions on who and how you can volunteer but if you qualify you must complete the Volunteer Form. Click Here to download the form. If you are needing community service hours you will need to bring a picture ID and/or proof of identification.

Below is a slideshow of some volunteers at work, including the “pig wranglers” who aided some stressed hogs.

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