1 – Monetary Help

Let’s face it. Money can help us pay for vets, buy the daily supplies, cover those special and unanticipated expenditures and occasionally hire specialized folks where volunteers can’t go. It’s the universal way to help. You have several ways below to add to our hoggy bank:

Via Paypal: Click on Our Friendly Llama to use Your Credit Card via Paypal:

With Cash or By Check:
Make checks payable to “Friends In Need” and mail them to:

5194 N. Lake Mountain Rd.
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

Gift Certificates and Cards:
Have a Gift Card you can’t use or don’t want? Even if it’s from Ralph Lauren, we’ll find a way to use it, sell it or redeem it to provide for the animals!

Also, please see our Property Donations Page if you can’t do any of the above.


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